P Jessica Josie Photographer

S Pop Up Planning Co.

M Sarah Levitt, Bon Askew

F Scape by S

B Elicia Rudd

L Raw kitchen Fremantle

Au Revoir Les Filles Jewellery

Rose guipuire lace gown, lace bralet, t-shirt cut bias slip gown


HighGate Wood

P River and Fern

M Narcisa Music

B Ali Price

F Hattie Flowers

L HighGate Wood, London

Luna Bea Bride head piece

French roses and lattice tulle gown, Guipuire roses gown

fremantle Wharf

P Ebony Sugg

M Ashleigh Helm

B Kayla Marshall hair, Kristy Ogram Makeup

F Ivy Flowers

L Fremantle Wharf

lattice & rose gown, minimal pantsuit

Collection One

P Katie Grant

M Greta Chesterman, Simon Chandler, Callum Gill

B Kayla Marshall Wedding Hair, Kristy Ogram Makeup

F Ivy Flowers

L The studio, South Cottesloe beach, Monument Hill

Penelope Louise Jewellery

Bias slip gown, Mesh lace gown, pleats gown, tulle skirt.

Ginger morris

P Katie Grant

M Lucy Peach

B Kayla Marshall Hair, Brittany Mason Makeup

F Ivy flowers

Ginger Morris

Blush slip bias gown, Natural Lucy gown, floral Embroidered cape